Happy Holidays: Vegan Chili

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season whether you are celebrating with family or just enjoying some time off. As for me and the family, we  have eaten so many cookies I think I may need to go into hibernation!

This year has been the first year we have spent the holidays just at home, it was after all my sons very first Christmas. As we ease into the holiday’s night, I like to reflect on how this time has been celebrated. I for one, am not religious. There is no Christmas mass that we attend, nor do we have an Advent calendar. For my family, Christmas time means simply celebrating the magic and spirit of Santa Claus.

This year was full of a lot of firsts as this was also our first time celebrating the holidays while in Japan!



I guess you could say, we checked off everything I had on my Christmas wish list including:

  • Decorating a Christmas Tree
  • Date night looking at the illuminations
  • Watching my must see Christmas movies + every sappy Christmas movie I could find on Netflix
  • Getting my son’s very first picture with Santa
  • And of course….Eating all the cookies we could possibly want… no regrets!!!

Seeing as how the timing of the birth of this blog, I am already excited for next Christmas to share how I managed the Christmas decor + my Christmas shopping + all the Christmas festivities.

When I was younger, I remember going over to my grandmother’s house on Christmas. She made the best holiday dinner complete with goblets and at least three different pies. This year, I opted for a simple chili recipe for dinner, perfect for a chilly winter night. I’ll tell you right now.. I am not much of a cook so believe me when I tell you that this recipe is not only easy… it never falls short of delicious!

Okay, Okay… I admit it. I found this recipe on Pinterest! SO WHAT? It’s still delicious and I hope you give it a try! I make Jiffy’s vegetarian cornbread to go along with it and let me tell you… it never disappoints!

Hey… I said I would share my favorite recipes with you right? I never said they were my recipes!

See you soon!




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