New Year’s Resolutions: Staying Motivated.

Hi there! Mama B here, and today… I want to share with all my readers the goals I have set for myself and how I plan on staying motivated.

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A lot has happened in 2017. I gave birth to my first child in January, and shaved my head in May! I completely cut meat out of my diet and then moved to Japan! Let’s not forget that wig and black lipstick I experimented with.

Like I said, A LOT HAS HAPPENED THIS YEAR and just last week, I started to worry. For the past two years I have had at least three goals in mind by the time December was coming to an end. This time… I wasn’t so sure I had any new goals. This had me really worried because I started to feel like I was stuck. If you don’t go to work, and you aren’t studying in school, you may relate to that feeling of… well… boredom.  I use that term lightly because it’s not the kind of boredom where you are tired of watching TV and need to get out and stretch for a bit. It’s the kind of stagnation that has you asking yourself… what am I doing with my life?

Now I know I’ve said before that I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life; that’s the big picture. I still feel like I need projects to work on either myself, my home or even in a social setting to keep me from feeling like I have nothing to do. That’s why I am saying that it is extremely important to stay motivated.  SO, with that being said, here are my top tips that help keep me pushing foward!

  1. I tend to be more on the visual side so of course, creating vision boards on Pinterest is a must! I love Pinterest, it’s not only a great place to find inspiration, but it is also a great resource for real stories from people with tips and advice.  ***I also like going on following sprees on Instagram to keep my feed interesting.
  2. Write it down! I like to journal, but if I could add list-making to the top of my resume I definitely would. Once you have done some brainstorming about the goals you want to achieve, get specific. You know… the why’s and how’s.
  3. Accountability! Whether you set dates where you check in with your progress regularly, or you tell a friend or spouse, find ways to hold yourself accountable. I’ll admit, I have an app that I downloaded to keep me on track with how much water I drink! I know, sometimes things seem to be easier if you have a buddy who is right there coaching you and reminding you, “hey, aren’t you supposed to be working on this?” but the truth is no one can get you to your goal as fast as you can!
  4. Prioritize! Yes… this is important! Let’s say your goal is to _______, but you never get around to it because of ________. The truth is, if your goals are not top priority, there will always be something else that takes up your time.
  5. Rewards!!! Okay, so in the grand scheme of things, reaching your goal is the reward. But what if you have a long-term goal? Rewarding yourself when you have reached smaller milestones on the path to reaching your big goal can not only feel really good, but it can help shift your focus. Sometimes, you need those breaks where you focus on something smaller rather than overwhelmingly focusing on an entire year right this second!

These are the tips I will be referring back to as I try to reach my new goals for 2018! Now, I said I would share my personal resolutions for the New Year and here they are!

  1. Drink more water! I would like to be drinking at least 3 liters of water on my best days.
  2. Walk More! I used to set “working out more/ exercise more/ build more muscle” as my goals. I would set up these ridiculous routines and push myself really hard to follow.  In the New Year, I want to focus on what is not only healthy for my body, but my mind as well. A lot of the reasoning behind my past workout goals came from the fact that I just didn’t love myself. I hated my body because it didn’t look how I thought it should. Really, I was comparing my body to other bodies, forgetting the importance of realizing that someone else’s beauty does not take away from my own. #bodypositivity
  3. Do more activities that exercise my brain. Complete a puzzle and/or read a book. Like…. an adult book….not just a child’s bedtime story. Got any good romance suggestions? Let me know!
  4. And finally, I want to become an early riser! I’ve seen the YouTube videos, I have read the articles and am completely convinced that I could really benefit from that hour of alone time in the morning before the kraken is released, aka my son.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my list. Want a bonus tip? Don’t overwhelm yourself at the beginning of the new year with 200 different goals on a check list. If you find that you have reached the goals you have set for yourself before the end of 2018… guess what? You don’t have to wait until December to set new goals!

Keep doing your thing!

Love as much as you can!

Oh, and I am curious…. what are your goals for 2018?

Until Next time.




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