Preparations: Closing out 2017

Hey there everyone! I apologize for my absence yesterday, time flies when you are busy and the afternoon sure did get away from me! I started cleaning out one junk drawer and the next thing I know… I have cleaned out all the junk drawers and even tackled the medicine cabinet. Okay, so that may not sound that impressive, but let me tell you something… it was insane the amount of flyers and brochures I have kept since moving here!

Okay, so that probably still doesn’t sound impressive, the point is that I got something cleaned out and it reminded me of this theme everyone else seems to have going on with ringing in the New Year. This chance we get to start out with a clean slate also involves a bit of tidying up before January 1st actually gets here. After cleaning out a couple of drawers, it really had me thinking about all the other things I would really like done before I celebrate from my couch with a bag of donettes.

I put together a short list that I think is doable even for the busiest SAHM and/or Housewife.

  1. Start by cleaning out at least 1 junk drawer. I know, once you start, sometimes you get that itch to do more. You get that feeling? Good, run with it until your heart’s happy. Not feeling it? At least you got one drawer organized!
  2. Change/wash your bed sheets and pillow cases. Yes, this should be a weekly chore anyway but it will feel so refreshing going into the new year with freshly cleaned linens.
  3. If you don’t have time for even a quick hair trim… at last take off that old chipped nail polish you have been hiding under those warm fuzzy socks this winter! Chances are those tootsies could use a nail trim as well! (Mine definitely did….Anyway…..Moving on.)
  4. Grab your swiffer, open all the windows and get to dusting!
  5. Remember the list of intentions I was talking about in this post? Make sure you have yours ready by the time the clock strikes 12:00 A.M.!

Okay, so I know that most of the things on my list sound like the ordinary household chores you do already…. but what better way to start out 2018 than having a clean house? Throw in two minutes of self pampering and you are ready to take on the New Year, donettes in hand.

Well, I am signing off until next year 🙂

If you need me, I’ll be drinking cheap wine scrolling through Instagram from my couch.

Have a safe and lovely holiday/weekend!






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