Giving Myself Permission : Vegan Meatballs

Good evening everyone, Mama B here and I thought I would start off the year with a little life update… SO, who’s excited for 2018?!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a rather quiet New Years Eve…. and by quiet I mean I spent the night in my pajamas with my headphones listening to a podcast while my neighbors had a party.

But let me tell you what else happened…

Well, as midnight approached, I turned to my husband sitting on the couch beside me, and asked what his resolution was. After a moment of thought, he told me he wanted to travel more within this country. For some reason… I was just taken aback. All of a sudden the goals I had set for myself were no longer enough!

I wanted to travel.

I wanted to go to new places… see and do new things!

So last-minute, I decided traveling more was also going to be one of my goals for 2018.

As you get to know me better, you will learn that I am always changing my mind… always trying to pick things to stick with… the problem is… I like so many different things and am inspired by everything and everyone!

Well…. maybe not everything and everyone… but you get the point.

Sitting there on the couch… I thought about how I am always changing… trying to figure out exactly who I am. I get so conflicted with this subject because I want it to be easy…  I want to fit into a box. I want to be a hippie… practice witchcraft… be a yogi… wear all black this week… get a tattoo that says herbivore next week!

Maybe it is a part of my age, but I have gone through so many different stages in the past two years trying to pick one thing to be and am just realizing now that maybe.. I don’t have to choose.

Maybe… I can be all these things.

I know change is inevitable, so this year my top resolution is giving myself permission. I give myself permission to change my mind, my hair, my eating habits…. I give myself permission to change anything and everything. I already know that some days I’ll hit the gym for that 5:30 A.M. indoor cycling class and other days… I am going to sit on my couch eating potato chips. I’ll do my yoga when I want and brew a special tea when the moment calls for some.

Okay… Now I am going to share the best thing I have eaten all year! *lol

Prepare yourselves for…. VEGAN MEATBALLS!!!

If you read this post…. then you could have already guessed… this is not my recipe BUT it has been tested out and approved by yours truly!

*I did however add a splash of Soy sauce and Vegan Worcestershire sauce into the “meatball” mixture before rolling out into balls.

I used this marinara sauce because let’s face it… I want to do as little as possible in the kitchen and this brand is my favorite!

*Funny story… When I had first made the switch to eating a plant-based diet, I was obsessed with reading ingredient labels. Once while browsing the pasta aisle and reading through Prego’s ingredients list, a complete stranger pulled me to the side and showed me this brand. She raved about how the very first ingredient in their pasta sauce is actual plum tomatoes from Italy!! Not tomato puree or water… actual tomatoes. I have been sold ever since! And…. it’s a Vegan product! #doublewin

Throw this all on a toasted sub and you have VEGAN MEATBALL SUBS !!!!

I know… total breakthrough.


Try this recipe and let me know what you think!

Until next time.






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