I’m Back: 5 Travel Preparation Tips

Hello to each and every one of you that have decided to stop by and take a look today! If you read this post, then you already know all about how I have been a bit unplugged the past couple of days. After feeling a bit burnt out on everything I had going on, I decided it was best I take a step back. well, let me tell you, I am so glad I did! I am back feeling motivated and refreshed, so let me catch you up on a few new adventures I am excited to be taking on!

As I mentioned in this post, one of my big goals for 2018 is to travel more. Well, I am so excited to announce that my husband and I have officially planned our first adventure and we leave…. tomorrow!

As you can imagine, I am so excited! There are trips we have planned that involve the whole family, but as for tomorrow, we have planned a day trip for just the hubby and I. Don’t worry, baby T will be spoiled rotten for eight hours at the best babysitter’s house one could hope to find!

As for our trip, we are venturing out to one of Japan’s Onsens (hot spring). I haven’t even started packing, although I know it is just a day trip, it is important to be prepared.

Here are my top 5 favorite tips on how I prepare for an adventure!

  1. Know where you are going! Okay, so this might sound obvious at first, but what I am really trying to tell you here is to do your research! Where we are going, we have to prepare for the possibility of traveling through snow. When you are gearing up for your trip, weather is an important factor to consider. This isn’t just to know whether or not to pack an umbrella, but if you are like us, it is important to know if there is a chance you may face rough road conditions and prepare for that accordingly.
  2. Delegate Responsibility! If you are traveling alone, you may do better with making yourself a checklist. As for traveling as a family, don’t worry about throwing everything onto your own shoulders. With our family, I always look at what each individual is good at. My husband makes the actual travelling arrangements, mapping out where we will drive and finding times for any trains or buses we have to take. As for me, I do most of the packing, for the trip and for my son to make sure he has everything he needs while we are away. If it was a trip where he would be joining us, it’s important to make sure we have everything he may need/want. You know… toddlers when they get bored…
  3. Plan Activities! Again with the research, but it is not as much fun showing up at a place not knowing what you are going to do there… Sure you could be that hippie taking random road trips with your friends, but if you have a plan of the exact places you want to go or know what things you want to do… you will get so much more out of your trip!
  4. Budget! Okay, nobody likes going away on a vacation and having to worry about money. Plan this out ahead of time and you won’t have to stress about whether or not you can afford that dessert at that extra fancy restaurant. This might seem obvious… save your money before you go… but it really is helpful to be prepared; not only for splurges but for emergencies too!
  5. Be Excited! Let’s look at the big picture. Whether you are going someplace new or you are re-visiting an oldie but goodie, don’t let the stress of planning complications overcome your excitement for this adventure. Take it easy, and take your time planning. You may hit a lot of road bumps on the way, but when you get there… it will be oh, so worth it!

How do you prepare for upcoming family trips? I hope you found my tips helpful and are planning your next big adventure… if that serves you of course.

Until Next Time,






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