Sick Days: My At Home Go-To Remedies

Good morning! Mama B here, and guess what… I’m sick! Nothing serious here, just the sore throat, chest congestion and sinus headaches that feel as if I am being stabbed in the forehead…. too much?

Luckily, the timing of my being sick aligning with the holiday, I have my husband home for a couple of days to help me out around the house aka… feed our son. That is something I took for granted, being sick before I had my son; being sick without having to be responsible for another person. Like those cheesy commercials talking about moms and dads not being able to take a sick day just because they feel like death on the inside… cross the line there?

Okay, Okay….

I am probably being dramatic, but I say… I am allowed to be. In my family, I play this important role as the provider of meals and clean laundry, and on days like this, it is just a struggle trying to keep the momentum going long enough to get anything done. Now, I am not a doctor, and more often than not I don’t make it to the doctor until I have been sick for more than a week. So, with that being said… here are a few tricks I use to help ease some of the common cold agonizing symptoms.

  1. Drink lots of fluid… like anything you can keep down. Water… Gatorade/Powerade or even some nice hot tea that can double as both hydrating and soothing to a sore throat.
  2. Tylenol… Okay,  so sometimes people are too stubborn to take the stuff but trust me… when the body aches are setting in or if you are experiencing a low-grade fever, Tylenol has been my best friend.
  3. Hot Water! Most of the time I can’t squeeze in a hot soak until my son is asleep, but a hot bath or even a long hot shower can help when I am so congested I feel like I can hardly breathe!
  4. Essential Oils. Eucalyptus on the forehead headaches, Peppermint/Lavender combo in the oil diffuser. You’ll thank me later.
  5. Wash your bed sheets and buy a new toothbrush. Once you start feeling better, it will be nice to know you aren’t sleeping in those old germs or still brushing with that old toothbrush.

What helps you to feel better as you fight a cold?

I hope you found these tips helpful! Let me know what you think.

Until Next Time,






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