Takaragawa Onsen: A Naked Mom’s Story

Let me start out by telling each and every one of you beautiful souls that have decided to stop by and take a glance today, hello! Welcome! Mama B here, and I am so excited to tell you all about my family’s first adventure of 2018!


So, something a lot of my readers may not know about me is that I am a tatted mom. Although it’s not uncommon in the American culture for millennials to have a tattoo, coming to Japan, this was one of my concerns. I had heard that they weren’t as accepting of inked skin. Now, there are a few tattoo shops here and there, but when trying to look for an onsen that would allow us to bathe in its healing waters with inked skin… now that was a bit of a struggle.  Luckily, my husband came into contact with someone who worked at the Takaragawa Onsen hotel, reassuring us that although it would be respectful to try to cover our tattoos, we were welcome to stay and even bathe in their natural hot springs.


Two days before we left, my husband dropped the bomb that when bathing in an onsen, one must be in the nude….

I totally hadn’t made that connection in my brain! I understand that this is what is expected and that I shouldn’t feel nervous, but I had never been nude in a setting like that! More like the closest thing I have ever come to a situation like this is when I was giving birth!

This was an entirely new experience, and looking back… I am so proud that I did it. My husband by my side to support me made the world of difference. There is something about being completely vulnerable out in nature that shifts one perspective. For once, I had gone an entire day not worrying so much about sucking in my tummy and feeling like I looked fat, but had focused more on the magical setting of bathing nude outdoors in naturally heated water while the temperatures were below freezing.

Maybe this is turning into a body-posi post, but it makes me think about the power I give my insecurities sometimes. I give them too much really, so much that some days… my worrying about a belly roll keeps me from feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I have been inspired, and in a way… I feel as if part of me has been healed.


Since we have been home, I have been doing more research on this idea of being naked and becoming comfortable in my own body. Who knows… this could be the beginning of something raw, something grounding and all in inspiring.

I have a few projects I believe I am ready to try to start working on so stay tuned folks! There is more to come, so until next time…





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