I’ve Been Thinking: I’m A Terrible Blogger …

They say it takes so many days to turn an activity into a new habit. How many days exactly? Well, according to my quick google search, it could be anywhere from 18 days to 254 days….

Okay, so not that inspiring…

I have always enjoyed blogging, something about getting to write down my thoughts and opinions for the world to see just feels like therapy at times… but let’s be honest… I am a terrible blogger….

Before you agree in the comments about my quality of writing, let me explain what I am talking about. I mean, I am a stay at home mom. It seems like taking 30 minutes while my son naps or an hour after he goes to sleep to write would be no big deal. Turns out… I am quite unorganized at times and am terrible without a routine and schedule…

I know, I don’t post regularly and it seems every other post I do start, I feel the need to explain where I have been for the past month! Honestly, the past two weeks I have debated on whether or not I should stop blogging all together. Let’s face it, this isn’t my first blog, and who knows what direction I am actually trying to go in.

I decided that before I just throw in the towel.. again… I would try something new. Something that would test whether or not I feel I can make it as a blogger. My goal is just to try to be a good blogger that can build a community I can interact with. Posting regularly would help… I know…

SO… Starting on March 1st, I will be following a March Madness Writing Prompt Challenge. This will take away the “I don’t know what I want to write about today” component and will also help my readers get to see a new side of me.

(I am also hoping to learn a new thing or two about myself and my writing.)

So, If you aren’t already, go ahead and give this blog a follow! Give me one month to prove not only to you, but to myself that I can and will be a better blogger. I promise, at the end of this month we will all know whether or not I should stick to a personal diary lol.



Here is a quick preview of all to come in March, I stole this from Pinterest of course so you can hold me accountable!


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