March 1st: Something I Learned Last Month

Kicking off the first of the month with 1 of 31 writing prompts I intend on completing this month, today I get to share something that I learned in the previous month…. here we go!

I learned the definition of…

Food Aversions:  “…is when you are repulsed by a particular food. You can develop a food aversion for a food that you never particularly liked or one of your favorite foods…”

Although I can happily say I have been fortunate enough not to have had any morning sickness thus far, I have however had a few problems with my appetite. Oh right… did I mention I am pregnant?!


That’s right! I guess technically I could say I learned I was expecting baby number 2 last month, but while I was struggling to eat foods that just the previous day were deemed my favorite things to eat… a close friend brought to my attention that this was in fact a possible symptom of being in the early stages of pregnancy! I had no idea….

When my husband and I had “the talk”, there was this sense of familiarity to having a second baby because… well we had already gone through pregnancy and delivery before. That being said, although I do feel more prepared and so in a way more calm this time around, there is still so much that is different from having my first child just 13 months ago!

Not only am I in a new place figuring out how to navigate in between appointments…. I can already tell in just the 8 almost 9 short weeks I have “been with child” that this pregnancy is different from my first. I have not only had different symptoms (opposed to my first pregnancy where I didn’t practically have any) but I just overall feel different, like because this isn’t my first rodeo, I am less afraid of the unknown, allowing myself to be more excited.

Well… I did it. Here’s to starting off March with a bang and bathing in cocoa butter for the next eight months!!




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