Feeding My Vegetarian Toddler

Hello to each and every one of you that has decided to stop by and take a glance today!

As you may know, my family doesn’t eat meat. It started with me, then my husband, and now that we are parents we have decided to raise our son on the same lifestyle.

Now before the comments start rolling in about how this is child abuse hear me out…. or don’t and proceed to roast me… your choice! My son gets regular wellness check ups where he is measured and weighed and even had all the necessary blood work done when he turned 12 months to make sure he is growing as expected and…… he is a strong, happy and healthy little boy! No need for concerns in protein resources, iron levels, giving him soy or B12 supplements.

So… that being said, my toddler can still be as picky as the next kid! Yes, I’m telling you now that just because he doesn’t eat meat does not mean he’s on this kick of eating all green super foods…. I mean I wish, that would be awesome but even I am a little picky when it comes to Spirulina…. Like any other kid could benefit from, or so I believe, my son does take a multivitamin everyday. I like to think that on days where he only wants to eat bananas and toast that at least the multivitamin covers our bases for getting in his vitamins.

Other than that, I like to think that he eats pretty much what every other kid might eat.

*I think it is important to reiterateĀ that my son is vegetarian and not vegan.

So he might have eggs and pancakes for breakfast with a glass of plant-based milk, maybe a bean and cheese quesadilla for lunch. We usually snack on fresh fruits and dinner is usually just a smaller portion of whatever I have made for my husband and I. See, it might sound complicated when hearing the term vegetarian. I know I have been asked on multiple occasions what I eat… but the truth is I just rely on simple and easy go-to recipes…… after all, we all know I am no master chef!




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