Play-Dates & Doctors Appointments

Good evening everyone and welcome to the relaunch of Mama’s In Charge! 

After taking a long break, contemplating if I was ready to start working on this project again and brainstorming some new ideas, I am finally back behind the key board, ready to continue sharing my life with you! What better place to start then to talk about my latest ventures as a pregnant mom living in an apartment with no air conditioning and a very active toddler?!

That’s right… just a quick update for you, I am officially 17 weeks along and my oldest son is 15 months old! He’s healthy, happy and loves people so much! Lately I have found that planning play dates and trips to the local mall play area are better ways to spend our day than stuck in two bedroom apartment with very little room to run around. It’s tough being a military family sometimes, you never know where you will be living so it’s important to find ways to make the most out of your space and to keep a positive outlook.

Whether you are a military family as well, or you just relate to the struggle of having a family in a tight space, know the importance in knowing the area you live in. Look for free parks, indoor play areas for rainy days, and do some mom socializing. Don’t worry about finding kids that are the exact same age as your babies, maybe settle for close in age.

The past two weeks have been so focused on my son that I feel I got a bit lost with my son’s check up on Monday, play date on Tuesday morning and then my OB appointment on Wednesday! Keeping a big calendar in the house is the only way I can keep things straight! I’ll admit it though, I still miss an appointment from time to time….In the middle of trying to prepare for baby number two while also staying on top of baby #1, things can get a bit hectic!

Thanks for stopping by for a little life update!

Until next time,





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