Moving While Pregnant

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve had lunch, the husband is at work, my son is napping so guess what….. I get to write! Even better, I am currently sitting in my new apartment at my new-to-me desk! For those of you who may not know…. let me just tell you, this is a huge upgrade! The past couple of months I have spent my writing time on my couch with a laptop. Okay, not so bad, but having a designated area to work is such a relief!

I know what you are thinking… you aren’t supposed to move while you are pregnant! There’s stress, the moving of heavy boxes etc….. But, when you are a soon to be family of four with only a two bedroom apartment… an extra bedroom is needed! And so we began our adventure of the waiting list.

Living overseas on a military base, we don’t have the option to house hunt like most people. We go to our housing office, get put on the list and we wait until an available house or apartment that better meets our needs opens up……

I think we waited a total of three months with no updates before my husband decided to call up our counselor to see if there was any news…. and here is how it went down…..

Wednesday – Husband calls up the housing office and is told there is an apartment opening up on Friday that is ours if we accept it.

Thursday – I start packing and we get in touch with a moving company to do all the heavy lifting.

Friday – Toured new apartment, signed some papers and got our keys!

The rest is history, it was one of the fastest moves I’ve been through, and I must say, also one of the smoothest moves. It’s so nice when things seem to line up just right!

Wanna hear some of my favorite moving tips and tricks to stay organized?? Let me know down in the comment section down below!

Until next time,




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