Waking Up With The Sun: Creating A Vision Board

My husband believes that when you first wake up in the morning, as early as that might be, sometimes it’s a sign from your body that you have rested well and it’s a good time to go ahead and roll out of bed….I for one have always been one to wake up multiple times through the night, even if it’s just for a minute or two. Because I do this, I thought there is no way I have gotten enough rest before 7am… and before I had my son, I was convinced I needed to sleep until at least 9am….

As you may recall from earlier post from January, I set becoming an early riser as one of my 2018 Resolutions… and let’s just say I hadn’t exactly met that goal just yet. I know, it’s only June so luckily I still have time to get there. Last week I decided to try a new project where I made a vision board. Yes, I have multiple boards filled with inspiring photos on Pinterest, but nothing that is just out and in my line of sight every day.

I recently organized my plans with my husband about all the things I wanted to try to accomplish while in Asia for the next three years. Things I wanted to learn, skills I wanted to practice and even places we wanted to take our family to travel. Thus began the inspiration for my vision board.

*I thought about sharing pictures of my personal vision board, but decided that I feel more confident about reaching my goals if I keep this part a secret… but don’t worry, I’ll share every detail with you as I reach each milestone!

So as I’m sure you have put together, waking with the sun made it to the top of my list to go on the vision board. I thought to myself, how can I make this transition feel as natural and rewarding as possible? In the past I have tried getting up and going for a run…. turns out I am not a strong runner LOL! I have tried alarm clocks, drinking tea and nothing ever stuck! And then I came across this quote…..

Try an early morning walk to start your day right!  #healthyliving


This is what has stuck with me all week, this and finally taking my husband’s advice haha! The past two days I have woken up just as the sun is rising. (Between 4:00AM 4:25AM) I know… sound soooooo early! And it is… but after blinking my eyes open I roll out of bed, throw on the clothes I have set out for myself from the night before and grab a water bottle. Before I know it I am outside while the morning is still crisp with no other plans than to just stroll. No pressure, just out breathing in the fresh air, listening to my body and just checking in with how Mama B is doing!

I think today I just wanted to encourage all of my readers to do something for themselves, whether you go on a walk alone, or maybe even sit down and make your own vision board. It’s been refreshing to take this time for myself and I think everyone deserves to do the same.






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