Experimenting with Cloth Diapers: I wish I would have Switched Sooner!

Living in Japan, I have met more and more parents who have opted for the more Earth friendly cloth diapers. Although I knew they would save me money, we hadn’t made that decision for ourselves when we had our son over a year ago. My husband and I had spent the last fifteen months buying disposable diapers and diaper genie bags.

I guess it was about two months ago, I was walking down the baby aisle to buy more diapers. I saw that the big box that I normally bought was gone. I was left with the option to buy a smaller quantity of diapers for what seemed like the same price I would have paid for a box that had at least twice the amount of diapers in it!!! So furious and frustrated… I went ahead and just bought the small box.

This whole little fiasco got me thinking about how the timing of my second child means I’ll have two children in diapers at the same time.

Can you say $$$$$?!

So I took to Pinterest and Amazon to educate myself on cloth diapers and all suggested accessories…..

I read about the different styles and inserts and hoses and pails and everything else in between. If you know me well, you already know I am very sceptical of buying things I don’t actually need…. always interesting when babies are involved because it seems like they make something for everything! Instead of investing a lot of money from the very beginning, I decided on this pack of cloth diapers that came with four inserts and a wet bag.

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With easy to read washing instructions I quickly got the hang of the routine with cloth diapers. I did find that because my son is still a bit of a heavy wetter at night, I needed to double up on the inserts before putting him to bed. With these specific diapers I am able to place one insert in the pocket of the diaper, and just lay one insert on the inside.

I originally picked this kind of diaper because the idea that the diapers can adjust to my children’s ever-growing bodies seemed more efficient in the money-saving business. My son is almost 25 pounds right now, but because they are adjustable, I know that ideally I could take these very same diapers and put them on our newborn when baby arrives in October.

I found that I felt all I really needed at this point was a place to put the diapers in between washing and one more pack of diapers just to add to the collection. I now wash diapers once a day, keeping the used ones in a trash can with a  lid in between washes.

*I’m sure they make fancy pails you could store them in if you wanted to wait and wash less often to help with the smell.

All in all, I feel that cloth diapers are a lot less intimidating than I originally thought… Maybe it’s the super cute patterns I found or that I am basically numb to whatever comes out of my child at this point… either way I have committed to the switch and couldn’t be happier!

I hope my readers find my sharing this experience helpful! Until next time…



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