Finding Magic: My Pagan Family

Welcome to one of my newest pages! I am so excited to start sharing more about this aspect of my life!

I have thought a lot about whether this was something I wanted to write about on my blog or not. I decided that my path is so important and beautiful that I wanted to share it and am finally ready to!

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I admit it…. the fear of being judged negatively, criticized or even being asked questions I am unable to answer was extremely intimidating. I don’t want to lose any of the new friends I have made or scare anyone away, but I also believe that the very best friends will celebrate my happiness with me… even if their path looks different from mine.

Neither me or my husband grew up Pagan, in fact I was raised in a belief system that often viewed certain practices as demonic and very scary. What I have learned over time is that my fear was rooted in my lack of knowledge in this Earth based spirituality. I have since learned that there were a lot of celebrations and customs my family had participated in that had been adopted from older Pagan practices!

That being said, we are continually learning as we go. Reading and asking lots of questions as we try to create a life full of magic and light for our children to be raised in. My goal is simply this, to teach my children to love and respect all things in this world, including the very Earth that supports us. But let’s face it… the love we see in our children’s eyes comes so naturally, often I find myself learning so much from them!

Thank you all for allowing me to share this with you, let the questions flow and until next time…



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