It’s A Girl! : Why I’ve Decided Not To Have A Baby Shower.

Baby means baby shower… right? Well… usually yes. With my first, I had my best friend planning this event for months and months in advance… pretty much as soon as I told her I was pregnant, we were putting together a Pinterest board with all our ideas. Let me tell you, this baby shower was amazing! We had a big turn out, we were blessed with gifts and everyone had a great time!

So you may be thinking… “why don’t you want to do this again?”

Well to be honest, being so far from family plays a big part in this decision. Although we have made so many wonderful friends since moving to Japan, having a second child is so much different from the first time around. I have a better grasp on the items I need and all the thousands of products that I don’t.

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And although this time we are having a baby girl, I don’t agree that I have to re-buy everything in pink… I still have many items my son has outgrown that can be used again.

(Car seats, crib, baby bathtub etc.)

Although, I did still decide to put together a small registry of what we do need.

(A few bottles and some cute dresses)

My husband and I decided to take what money we might have spent throwing a baby shower and put it elsewhere. Maybe investing in a double stroller or even getting a head start on baby girl’s savings account.

At the end of the day, I feel more at ease not having to plan this event while knowing we can still celebrate the arrival of our second child in other ways.

Until next time,



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