Taboo Thoughts: Writing Unapologetically.

If you haven’t noticed, there have been two new additions to the blog. I’ve added this page where I will start sharing more about my life and beliefs as an Eclectic Witch, along with this page, Taboo Thoughts, where I plan on unveiling some of the thoughts and opinions I have that may even be considered uncommon or unfavorable. Let’s face it… it’s 2018 but there are still plenty of topics in today’s society that are deemed inappropriate to talk about. I am a firm believer that things should not be swept under the rug!

I plan on discussing any and every topic on this page from mental health and my own personal experiences with depression to topics on body image issues, raising children without gender roles and even talking about the things I (as a woman) feel need to be discussed more in hopes to put a stop to discrimination and shaming.

Emma Watson

Maybe this is a warning to stay away if you think these topics will upset you. Believe me when I say I don’t intend on purposely offending anyone, my hope is that by discussing these very topics and sharing my personal experiences I can empower my readers. I want to help encourage people to speak up and share their stories as we dive into these intimate parts of our lives that we face daily.

See you soon!



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