Coming Out of the Broom Closet: Discovering Witchcraft

I know what you might be thinking…. Harry Potter, Practical Magic, Charmed, Supernatural, Hansel and Gretel, Enchanted, Snow White, Hercules…. I could go on forever….

As a wise lady once explained to me, I shall now share with you….

“One who drinks ginger tea to help soothe an upset stomach, by the old definition is in fact practicing witchcraft. One who uses any natural herbs to aid in illnesses is, by the old definition…. practicing witchcraft.”

And this is how it all began for me… About three years ago I found myself working part-time in an herbal shop where many people looking for natural remedies to cure minor aches and pains would come to rummage through the books we had on herbal medicine.

The mysteries of magic in the world has always intrigued me. As a child I wondered about the magic that might be found in the very woods and running creeks that surrounded my home. I always felt the connection of energy flowing from the very Earth to the soles of my bare feet, and the cleansing winds that would blow through my hair. Being surrounded by the creatures that lived with me and around me, I knew in some way that the idea that we, as humans, are above all other living and non-living beings didn’t sit right in my heart. No, when I touched a tree I would feel grounded, and when I looked into the eyes of the bull grazing in our fields… I knew he saw me too.

There are a thousand books defining witchcraft and/or paganism. There are organized groups and belief systems that give guidelines as to how one should live as a specific kind of Witch. As for me, the only term I can claim for now is Eclectic. For I live my path by what comes naturally, whether it be through my cooking, gardening or welcoming each new season through celebration.

Nature is the divine. We as humans are a part of nature. Therefore, we are the divine. We are made up of atoms, energy, star-dust…. We are magic.



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