Am I Vegan or Not? : The Truth About My Diet.

Welcome to Taboo Thought’s first topic! Okay… you may or may not be able to tell just from the title that I am talking about something a little shameful today… but bear with me… this is going to be good.

If you have ever seen post floating around the internet shaming vegans for acting superior or even shaming vegans for shaming meat eaters … well all I can say is that there are bad apples everywhere and perhaps some of the negative images associated with these animal rights activist aren’t exactly unforeseen.

Even as someone who doesn’t eat meat and has no problem living without bacon, I know that there are vegan Facebook groups that are plenty guilty for shaming anyone living less than they believe one should…. aka vegetarians….

That’s why I want to talk about this.

The Shaming needs to end.

I have a lot of Facebook friends that shoot me messages ever so often explaining why they aren’t vegan and sometimes they even apologize…. let me say this now… I am not that vegan that’s asking everyone I know to stop eating animals! I am not that vegan telling vegetarians that they aren’t doing good enough because they still eat mac-n-cheese! In fact… I AM NOT VEGAN.

There… I said it and it’s out there!

I am not vegan. My husband is not vegan, and we are not raising our son vegan.

Before I continue, I just want to let anyone who might be excited about this know that I am about to disappoint them because I’m not saying I hate vegans or that I wouldn’t like to be completely vegan one day. As for anyone reading this that is already disappointed that I am not vegan… well it’s about to get a bit worse.

For anyone coming from my personal Facebook page and reading this, there is something really important I want you to know…..

Anytime I share a meme about vegans surviving off of french fries, I am in no way asking you why you aren’t vegan, and I am in no way asking you to become vegan! Live your life babe! Do what YOU decide is best for you! 

I honestly hate to think anyone feels as if I am judging them based on what they are having for dinner. I’m not that vegan. You want to know what I am? I am happy. I am happy because I don’t eat meat. I am happy that my husband doesn’t put any extra pressure on me to know how to make homemade vegan cheese when he knows I hate cooking! I am happy that they make processed meat substitutes like veggie hot dogs because I want to still enjoy a cookout during the summer. I am happy that when I go to get a chai tea latte, I can ask for almond milk instead of cow’s milk, but I am also happy that I give myself permission to enjoy vegetarian dishes when in social situations because that’s what makes me feel more comfortable rather than asking if those homemade cookies were  made with eggs and cow’s milk.

If I am being completely honest, I am even perfectly happy with the cream cheese frosted strawberry cake my husband makes me for my birthday every year because this has been my favorite cake to eat my entire life and I can’t be that person pretending I am a skilled enough chef to be able to make the perfect vegan substitute!

Don’t get me wrong… I strive everyday to use as little animal products as possible, but I am not the perfect vegan. I am vegetarian. That’s my truth. It may not be good enough for some, and some may even call me a hypocrite, but that is my story.

I refuse to be someone who shames people based on what they eat or don’t eat. 









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