Surviving Cloth Diapers: My Three Best Tips

Everything we do as parents usually comes from a place of love and let’s face it… necessity. We decide what’s best for ourselves and our children. As unappealing as the idea is, it’s a necessity to have a plan on how one will deal with one’s offspring’s… well… poop. As for me and my partner, we decided cloth diapers better suited our needs.

There are many pros and cons to using cloth diapers…


  • Saves Money
  • Cuts down on waste
  • They come in cute patterns


  • Poop
  • Laundry
  • POOP

It’s unavoidable. You get cloth diapers… you are gonna be washing poop out of said diapers. Poop gets messy, poop smells… you get the picture. That’s why today, I am going to share with you my favorite three tips to help anyone trying to survive with cloth diapers!

Research: Washing The Cloth Diapers

Turns out, they can make cloth diapers out of several different materials. When choosing the right cloth diapers for you, do your research on specific washing instructions. The diapers I originally purchased do best when first rinsed in cold water, washed in warm water, and then finally rinsed in cold water again! But…. on the other hand, the bamboo inserts I bought, well they recommended washing them 3-5 times before the first use to help with the natural oils found in the inserts and to increase their absorbancy.

(Remember that using a detergent that is right for your cloth diapers is very important for your baby’s bottom as well!)

Routine: Handling The Stinky Stuff

A lot more goes into handling cloth diapers. Things you may want to think about?  How often are you going to wash these? Where are you going to store the dirty diapers in between washes? How are you going to rinse away any solids before throwing them into the washing machine???

Whether you purchase a sprayer to hook in the back of your toilet or find a fancy pail to help with the smell, remember that when committing to cloth diapers, you are committing to a lot more than a diaper genie. Having a plan and a routine will help make things go more smoothly for you.

Using Essential Oils

My final and possibly favorite tip of all is using a few drops of Lavender and/or Tea Tree oil in the washing machine during the diapers final rinse, not only for their natural antiseptic properties, but to also add a beautiful and light scent to your diaper covers and/or inserts.

Well that’s all I have for today, if you have any further questions, please leave a comment down below! Until next time,



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