Litha: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Last week we celebrated one of the eight seasonal festivals, Litha, also known as Midsummer. Although the Summer Solstice technically falls on one particular day, I had the opportunity to celebrate all week-long. I thought today I would hop on here and just share some of the ways my little Pagan family celebrated this Sabbat.

We started by getting to celebrate with close friends prior to the Sabbat with a ritual including a beautifully led, guided meditation followed by having a delicious potluck. Not a whole lot to complain about when someone brings vegan Tres Leche Cake! And although I do have to admit we weren’t having the most ideal weather with all the rain we have received, I watched the weather closely to fit in an early morning meditation with the sunrise when it wasn’t raining.


With the constant rains we were blessed with, we decided not to go with our original camping trip plan. Instead, I did bake a second batch of lemon cupcakes and we took to some indoor crafts throughout the week to get my son involved in the fun! Here are just a few of the projects we played around with:

We made sun catchers like this, but with my sons handprints.

I decorated a couple of spoon wands for my son.

And finally, we played around with some salt dough to capture summer time vibes.

So although we didn’t get to camp by the lake, go on a nature walk or even jump over a festive lit bonfire, we did get to celebrate Summer in other ways. With Summer officially here, I am optimistic about the rituals and magic to come.



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