Mom Shaming: I Admit It, I Am Guilty.

I am not even going to lie… I have been known to raise an eyebrow when I see other moms using what I consider “off the wall” methods when it comes to raising their children… but let’s face it… when you find what works, do it! Every family is different and every family has needs to be met, whether it’s a crazy method in getting your kids to eat their dinner or even to bed, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. 

Okay, so that first part might sound like I am actually not so guilty in the mom shaming department. It may sound like I am actually pretty accepting and might even be trying to empower others to accept other parenting styles… BUT… I am a mom shamer. I mom shame a lot…. I mom shame…. myself.

I read a blog post this morning talking about how we needed to end mom shaming. It’s true… mom stuff is hard enough as it is, we don’t need to add salt to the wounds of the mom not having it all together. I have been there… I am there. And believe me… no one is as hard on myself as I am. You don’t need to tell me I am a mess… I got it tattooed on my brain.

Does this sound familiar to any of my readers? The thoughts that creep in when your child isn’t eating their vegetables and you suddenly  find that you are comparing yourself to that mom who talks about only feeding her child home-grown, organic produce??? Yea. I do that too. Sometimes those thoughts do start out as negative comments about other moms, but really… I am just shaming myself for not being the mom I think I should be…. For not being the mom my kid deserves.

What momma doesn’t want what’s best for her babies? We all do, and we all have different ideas as to what the “best” looks like. Let today’s blog post serve as a reminder that as we try to reach out and build each other up, that we extend the same love and courage to ourselves. I know there is mom shaming out there, but I also know that there are a lot of wonderfully strong moms willing to support each other and our different parenting styles.

Please let me be that reminder that while I encourage putting an end to the mom shaming out there, today I am specifically talking to all the moms out there shaming themselves. Show yourselves some love. You deserve it, you deserve what’s best for you.




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