Life After A Baby: How Life Has Really Changed.

From my experience…

When announcing you are expecting your first child, you are opening a doorway that doesn’t ever shut…. like ever. Okay, you might be able to sit against the door for a while, but eventually that door flies back open, flooding in all the advice, stories and sometimes inappropriate questions from every family member, friend and even the occasional stranger.

Now I’ll admit, even through all the overwhelming information, I was able to get some really good tips and ideas from people when it came to trying to prepare for my little one. Afterall, I figured I needed all the help I could get! But… on the other hand, there were a lot of opinions and statements I could have done without… like…

“say goodbye to sleep”

“your life is over”

“oh, you won’t get to do thatanymore…”

Yea… some pretty negative stuff when you are trying to prepare for one of the biggest moments of your life! And though I do believe there is some truth to these statements.. they just seem like half the story to me… Here is how I feel like my life has actuallychanged since having a baby….

I Have To Have My Sh*T Together… Like Really…

Spontaneity has gone out the window. I don’t agree that you have to stop doing all the things you love, but I do think you have to plan these activities out. Date night at the movie theatre, a cookout at a friend’s house, or even a day out shopping… I have found that I can still do the things I did before I had my first child so long as I prepare properly, whether I am taking him out with me or leaving him with a babysitter.

So I Did Say Goodbye To Sleep… But Only Temporarily…

Everyone told me about how sleep deprived I was going to be… That my mornings of sleeping in or sleeping through the night were long gone. I only had one of my friends tell me that while it is hard in the beginning, it is only temporary, and I have never been told anything with more truth behind it. I have found that while I was very sleep deprived throughout the first year, unless my son gets sick now… my sleep has come back to me! After my son was old enough to make it through the night without starving, we sleep trained and voila! I can catch a good handful of z’s before we are up and running the next morning! If I don’t stay up too late….

Okay… The Memes Are True… I Rarely Finish A Movie At Home In One Sitting…

I would like to say that it is my being a responsible adult that chooses not to stay up late and watch a movie when I know my son wakes up at the same time every morning per his routine… but that is only true about five percent of the time. The other ninety-five percent of the time I have decided that I am too sleepy to read subtitles for any longer than forty-five minutes, and my husband and I both decide to cut the movie short and finish it during my sons nap the next day… what can I say… we are old ladies trapped in younger bodies???

Yes… you read that right… we must use subtitles….

How do you feel your life changed after having kids? Let me know down in the comment section below!

And until next time,



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