Why I Left YouTube & Why I Decided To Come Back

Anyone remember this?


Yes I admit it.. not the worst photo I have left from my first run with YouTube. To be honest, hanging up that bed sheet and putting on that wig was supposed to be the turning point of my YouTube Channel. As you might recall, I originally started out like this…

21298662_1962699327320516_568883216_o_LI (2)

Just a young lady showing her husband how to use the portrait filter on her cell phone before she filmed full length videos in the floor of her bedroom. Hey… you gotta start somewhere. And if I am being totally honest, it’s not like I am coming back with all this new equipment now. Nope, same old iPhone and bedroom backdrop, but for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about… let me explain…

I started blogging back in 2015. I had noticed that a lot of the other bloggers I followed were not only writing, but recording and uploading YouTube videos as well! After watching tutorial after tutorial, I decided to give it a go. I liked how watching the bloggers I followed on YouTube allowed me to get an inside look at whose work I had been reading. I guess you could say I wanted to give my readers the same opportunity. To see and hear the voice they had been reading. I followed the worksheets and was uploading videos regularly twice a week…. for maybe two months… And that was it.. I quit. No announcement was really made, I just deleted my channel.

I can tell you now that part of the reason I left YouTube was because I was completely overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all this advice I was reading about how to become successful on YouTube. I didn’t have expensive equipment, nor did I have the room in our two bedroom apartment to have a designated recording space. When I originally started out, my son was just 6 months old and we had just moved from the US to Japan. Talk about a transition….

In the end, I decided I was a bit embarrassed with the quality of videos I was putting out, while also not feeling completely confident in the theme of videos I had been recording….so I  quit. I felt like I needed more time to put together my vision. I knew I wanted to come back, I just needed a better plan. Not a plan given to me free from a tutorial, but a plan that was personally right for me.

After going back to just blogging again, I think it gave me a lot of time to think about how and what I wanted to share on a YouTube channel. This round… I’m removing all that extra pressure to hit the ground running as fast as the people who have already built their career. I mean, who am I kidding? I still feel so awkward just talking to my phone, and it’s skills like that, that I need to give myself a chance to try to better.

Yeah, looking back I think I was a bit hard on myself the first time around.

No more pretending I know what I am doing… because I totally don’t. I am not here to promote this better than ever YouTube channel because the quality will only be slightly better than last time. I don’t have 5 videos prerecorded and scheduled to go up over the next month, nor do I even know what exactly my uploading schedule is going to look like at this time. For now, here is the link to my channel. I hope you check it out, and maybe even subscribe to see what content I do have coming up.

Until next time, img_3948



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